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Help Janelle The Cat Fight Cancer

September 1, 2021: We just got home from the oncologist consultation – the oncologist wants to get more tests done to find out the specific type of cancer and treatment versus just jumping into chemotherapy based on the information from the initial ultrasound from our vet. The cost to get this initial testing is $1400…

My Yoga Journey… So Far [Part One]

Many believe that individuals have been practicing yoga since the dawn of civilization with its origins came thousands of years ago, long before religion or any belief systems existed. This piece is about my own journey, so I won’t spend too much time on the history of yoga, but it’s important to recognize that yoga isn’t some new trendy new age hippie thing. Yoga is practiced all over the world in a variety of ways. Yoga is all about becoming one and feeling harmony with the universe and that’s exactly what I’ve found in my journey so far. It’s incredible how much power we have when we connect with our breath and really feel into our bodies.

VeganCuts Snack Box Product Review

Vegancuts has a mission to celebrate the vegan lifestyle through supporting conscious, kind-hearted brands. Vegancuts has the option for shopping their marketplace or subscribing to a monthly Snack Box, Beauty Box or going above and beyond and joining their corporate program bringing plant-based options to your office. A part of their kind-hearted involves working directly…