Rambutan: Sweet Fruit of South East Asia

One of my favorite fruits of all time is rambutan. Rambutan is a fruit that is native to South east Asia. When I was in the Philippines, I was grateful to have access to an abundance of fresh rambutan.

When we lived up north, rambutans were not common and when we did find them they were rather expensive. In Atlanta, we have a local shop that has reasonably priced rambutan.

Rambutan is rich in manganese and has trace amounts of zinc, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and magnesium. There are quite a number of B vitamins as well as a high level of vitamin C found in each individual rambutan. There are suggestions that the health benefits of rambutan include aiding in weight loss, improving the appearance of skin, strengthening bones, boosting energy & metabolism, optimizing digestion, improve fertility, prevent heart disease and other things.

The seeds can be eaten, but only if they are cooked in some fashion prior.

Below you’ll find a video of me digging into a rambutan – I’ll show you how I enjoy them. The ones in the Philippines were easy enough for me to break into with my hands, but these ones are a bit tougher.

The flavor reminds me of lychee, coconut, grape and vanilla mixed together. The tender textures are extremely similar to that of lychee. The outside may look rather intimidating, but let your guard down: they are not prickly or difficult to break into.

Have you ever tried rambutan? If not, we hope this post will give you the courage to try them if you do see them in your produce section. Let us know what you think!


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