Nikky Raney Chats with Aware Meditation Founder Paula Newman for December 5 Variety Show

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I had the opportunity to chat with Paula Newman of Aware Meditation and learn more about Aware Meditation and the upcoming Variety Show. It was such a treat to connect with Paula despite being on opposite ends of the country.  

Although I am someone who does have a regular meditation practice, I will admit that I wasn’t as familiar with Vedic Meditation specifically. I know that it is a technique that traces it roots to the Vedas, which I remember learning about in my World Religion class in college! Vedas are the ancient Indian texts that are the foundation for yoga and Ayurveda. Vedic Meditation uses mantras to settle the mind. I’ll leave it at that for now, because Paula will familiarize you with the practice even more during the event.

Paula Newman came to meditation to deal with living in chronic pain. After exploring many practices, she came to Vedic Meditation. Immediately, she discovered healing that was not evident in any other technique. She couldn’t sleep at night and would pass out every afternoon but after doing this practice just once, she no longer needed to sleep in the afternoon, and began getting a night’s sleep. Teaching other unfortunate folks that were usually marginalized from wellness she formed the non-profit Aware Meditation to reach underrepresented groups within their community. Newly formed and restricted in COVID19, it was the perfect time to spread the word, and fundraise for 2021.

Money raised from this event will be going toward the Outreach Programs to go into underrepresented communities and reach 108 people in 4 days. The goal is for the teachers to be able to help with a self-sufficient meditation practice from 2 teachers for 20 minutes a day, twice a day for the four days! This will currently be happening in the Community Outreach centers in LA, but as this is a GLOBAL initiative – Paula reassured me that these were hopefully going to be able to pop-up around the country/world!

PG rated Comedy, Music, Skits and the truth that Elfie on the Shelfie sees when you are not watching your kids. Hosted by Pirates of the Caribbean actress Paula Jane Newman, with drop-in Los Angeles talent but includes U.K, U.S. NZ and Australian performers. How enlightened are meditators that deal with traffic and kids over the Holidays? 75 minutes of fun with an introduction to meditation and how spreading this practice to marginalized, underrepresented groups can bridge the divide.

If you choose to buy the tickets that include the ZOOM room access: you will be given the opportunity for direct interaction with our comedian. However, don’t feel like you need to put yourself out there if this is new for you. The regular ticket includes the link to the stream and you can participate in the live chat if you feel so inclined!

I invite anyone who is interested to check out Aware Meditation’s YouTube Page and see their most recent free 12-hour live stream! It would be incredible if you could subscribe to their channel – they need AT LEAST 1000 subscribers to be able to have that DONATE button available!

Aware Meditation has a goal of making $10,008 through this fundraiser. Every penny counts, and even just the donation of a dollar or buying a single ticket will make such a big difference and go towards the teachers, food and administrative costs.  I truly do believe that meditation and a shift in the collective consciousness will help create a better world and future.

Click here to reserve your ticket to join me on December 5th! It’ll be 9:30 pm EST!

You can also TEXT 108 to 44321 – for the livestream fundraiser Variety Show donations.

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  1. Hi Paula my name is Karen Justice-Guard Michal she is a my spiritual advisor gave me your name I just have been On TM for two weeks now and I’d like to do meditation on zoom with everybody I’m in the 12 step program I’ve done all my steps 19 months of sobriety and she told me to reach out to you my phone number is 831-278-1672
    Thank you in advance


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