4 Hair Care Products I Can’t Live Without

I am not a hair expert or specialist by any means & I am not sponsored by any of the companies that I mention throughout this post. Please take all my advice with a grain of salt. I am sharing what works for me in hopes that someone out there can benefit.

Let me be perfectly honest with you – it has taken me nearly 30 years to figure out what the hell to do with my hair. I didn’t start getting my hair professionally cut until I was in my late 20’s and was given a free haircut by one of my former parents of my pre-k student. She gave me the sexy hair that I’ve been missing out on, but prior to that I had never had the salon experience personally (except once when a friend bought me a haircut, so nice!) I am grateful that my mother was always able to cut my hair (and sometimes I’d cut my own hair at 3 in the morning at age 15).

My hair type is pretty thick and STRAIGHT. I  have this really terrible anxious habit of running my nail through a strand of hair to CREATE a split end so that I could split it. Yes, I used to damage my hair on purpose as an anxious habit. I think it was part of a side-effect of a mood stabilizing medicine I was on as a teen, as the only time in my adulthood that I’ve really done this was during COVID when I wasn’t able to get a hair cut and my split ends were out of control – it even annoyed Jason to see me constantly splitting my ends.  My hair right now has been professional lightened and was dyed pink back in August of 2020, but I’ve been using OverTone Pink for Brown since November 2020.

My hair has a tendency to become QUITE greasy/oily. I was actually made fun of in high school because I would have greasy hair and the product build up on my scalp looked like dandruff. I have been self-conscious of this for 15+ years, and I’m glad that I finally found four hair care products that changed my life. I honestly would never go back to omitting these products from my routine.

1. Clarifying Shampoo

The reason I chose to use Aveeno & OGX was the affordability along with ingredients. I used to do a DIY apple cider vinegar rinse, but I haven’t been consistent with that since I moved down south. I appreciate that the Aveeno clarifying shampoo has apple cider vinegar as part of the treatment & I appreciate that the OGX has charcoal as part of the treatment.Debra Jaliman, M.D., a New York City-based dermatologist and the author of Skin Rules told Prevention Magazine that:

“Apple cider vinegar is a top-notch clarifying ingredient that “has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Fungus is what causes dandruff and dry skin.”

This soothing shampoo also contains colloidal oatmeal extract to ease scalp irritation and itchiness. Oh, and it smells divine.

Aveeno’s clarifying shampoo was ranked #2 on their listicle – citing that it’s the most bang for your buck.

OGX gives their clarifying shampoo praise:

“Give your hair a deep clean detox with OGX® Purifying + Charcoal Detox Shampoo. This clarifying blend infused with activated coconut charcoal and kaolin clay will help bust through buildup, letting clean strands shine through. Helps leave even the hair of a diehard daily dry shampoo user shiny, without being squeaky or stripped. This purifying shampoo nourishes hair for a refreshed balanced glow. Purify your pretty strands with OGX® Charcoal Detox collection! “

I take turns with these two clarifying shampoos – switching between the two every other week. I also tend to only wash my hair once a week even though I shower almost daily. I can personally attest that the claims made about both of the aforementioned clarifying shampoos hold true to my experience. I’ll never go back to using regular shampoo every again!

2. Rosemary Serum & Scalp Care – Scalp Love & Scalp Scrub

I will use this Rosemary Serum prior to bedtime or at the end of the day on a day where I haven’t showered and my hair is pretty greasy. I’ll leave this serum in overnight and wash it out at some point the next day.

As I mentioned before: my scalp is a combination of overly oily and has build-up from the products I use…sometimes I even have build-up from moisturizers I put on my face that get into my scalp. Here’s what Pacifica has to say about their Rosemary hair products:

“Sometimes your scalp has just had enough! The products you use in combination with environmental toxins can add to a congested situation, which can leave your scalp dry, flakey, or over oily. Pacifica’s Rosemary collections helps to get the surface junk off, while leaving your hair feeling invigorated and clean. Gentle enough for every day use, with a minty fresh scent that will brighten any day. For all hair types, especially congested scalps.”

I use the scalp scrub about once a month and will use the serum once a week. I have noticed favorable results from using these products along with the clarifying shampoos. I finally feel free of build up and unsightly “dandruff” that really is not even flakes from my scalp but residue and gunky build up from the products I use!

3.  Banana Love Deep Intensive Moisture Mask

Are we surprised that I’m featuring another Pacifica product?  I have been using this Banana Love Deep Intensive Moisture Mask since the quarantine began back in March/April. I remember ordering this product using my tax return & being so pleased. I had originally watched some YouTube videos of people who had used Pacifica haircare. I was looking for a way to heal my damaged split-ends! This conditioner smells absolutely heavenly. I’m sad that I’ve reached almost the end of the bottle and will need to order more soon.

However, I haven’t used this product on freshly colored hair – I tend to use it to moisturize the ends once the color comes out or if I really feel my ends need some love. I use this product probably once every other month, and when I leave it in it stays in for about 15 minutes coating my ends completely.

Pacifica boasts about their banana, chia & algae concoction:

“Take a tropical rehab trip! No tough love here. This is all about deep hydration and care for your damaged hair. The kind of mushy love-fest hair intervention you will be happy to participate in. Come on, try it! Your hair’s damaged soul will thank you.”

4. After Shower Leave In Conditioners / Hair Remedy / Primer

I have never gone out and purchased these products intentionally, but they have shown up in my previous FabFitFun & CauseBox subscriptions.

I enjoy using these in my hair after a shower, when I want to feel a little more fabulous.  I have always felt like I wasn’t *doing enough* with my hair – so this gives me the feeling that I’m pampering myself. I like the after shower leave-ins that claim to protect from heat, because I do curl my hair a few times a week. I never blow dry my hair, because I HATE blow dryers, so I always just put the product in my hair and allow it to work its magic over night.

We all have different hair types, so the products that may work wonders for me could do absolutely nothing for you. I’d love to know if you have used any of these products! What are hair care products that you cannot live without?

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