Help Janelle The Cat Fight Cancer

September 1, 2021: We just got home from the oncologist consultation – the oncologist wants to get more tests done to find out the specific type of cancer and treatment versus just jumping into chemotherapy based on the information from the initial ultrasound from our vet. The cost to get this initial testing is $1400 and is something we will need to raise ASAP if we want to have a chance at treating this with chemotherapy. Time is not our side and we need to act quickly – which is so overwhelming. Please share this fundraiser and donate what you can 😢😢😢😢 She only has one life to live and we only have one life to enjoy with her.

August 31, 2021:

Janelle the Kitty is not your average kitty — Janelle the Cat is so young at heart and filled with so much personality. She’s bursting with life and leaves an impression on any person that she meets – to know her is to fall in love with her. We were heartbroken when we found out that our 15-year-old floofer was diagnosed with cancer. Janelle has so much life left in her – which is why we knew that we need to go through with the chemotherapy. However, the financial aspect is something that we could honestly use all the support that we can get at this point.

We will continue to update this as we get more information, but we wanted to put this out as SOON as possible so that we could start setting money aside and planning her treatment. As of right now, Janelle has a 5×5 cm mass in her abdominal – this is smaller than a tennis ball, but larger than a ping pong ball. We need to start treatment immediately. With this treatment we can hope she goes into remission and prolong her life at least another year-18 months, however, without this treatment we can only hope for three more months max.

Other than the obvious, Janelle is still full of life and deserves a second chance. She cries at the door to go outside so she can lick the bicycle spokes on the front porch and feel the sunshine on her floof. She has a preference for CHICKEN over TUNA, preferably with lots of gravy! She enjoys taking naps on her tower, hammock and basically anywhere she can fit — but she loves human laps the most. Janelle loves to follow her humans from room to room and is always eager for attention and affection – she’s truly a one of a kind cat who has brought so much joy into our lives. When she was younger she would play fetch with fortune cookies but now she’s content with working through her treat puzzle!

She has so many different meows to communicate exactly what she wants from you. We always look forward to coming home to Janelle running to meet us at the door, emphatically meowing, and rolling on her back to save “I love you!” And receive her much-deserved belly rubs.

I rescued Janelle from the Bangor Maine Humane Society for my 21st birthday – she was a 5-year-old cat at the time and she was the first pet I ever had. She has taught me so much in the time that she’s been my cat, and it’s so hard to picture my life without her in it – – we are not ready for that reality, she’s such a healthy cat overall. The vet thought that she looked about 8-years-old, she acts like such a young cat it’s so surprising to find out that she’s actually a senior cat! Her bloodwork always comes back perfect, and she was really good at hiding that anything was wrong.

We know that it’s a lot that we’re trying to come up with here. The donations will go directly toward her chemotherapy, medication, food, and other vet bills. They have been racking up quickly and we honestly cannot do this on our own – This news hit us like a ton of bricks, and we wish that we didn’t have to ask for help. Even a $5 contribution is meaningful. Anything that you can give to help us during this difficult time would mean the world to not only us, but to Janelle the Kitty. We know that she’s still got so much life left in her – we want to do whatever it takes to give her the highest quality of remaining life she has with us.

We already have about $1200 worth of vet bills that we’re paying off from getting her checked out and blood work done along with the ultrasound where we found out about the tumor. We all have bills to pay – rent, electricity, internet, car etc. and adding those bills with cancer-treatment for our cat is challenging to tackle independently. We are truly asking from the bottom of our hearts to please give whatever you can to help us out – even if you think all you can give isn’t much.

Even if you are not in a position to donate – it costs absolutely nothing to share this post and share this link. Please spread this far and wide – and give whatever you can. We thank you so much in advance for your generosity and for taking the time to read this. 

Donate through Facebook or GoFundMe!

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