Feeding GA Families: Everybody Deserves Healthy Meals

“Feeding GA Families (FGF) is a 501(c)3 state-licensed non-profit food pantry and community services agency aimed at combating food insecurity in our communities with the assistance of farmers, food banks, grocery stores, small businesses, corporate donors and sponsorships, and volunteers. Founded in 2010, FGF has expanded from feeding the homeless in Atlanta to providing cooked community meals, to hosting two weekly food pantries to those in need. FGF is a resource that the food insecure can utilize during their time(s) of need. Our services are provided with no questions asked, as our purpose is to aid those in need, when they are in need, without restrictions to residency, prior income, or family size.”

It Was Agatha All Along

In her own version of a heartfelt Buick commercial, Wanda drives through Westview and arrives at a predetermined plot of land Vision had chosen, as the blueprint in Wanda’s hands tells us, for the happy couple “to grow old in.” In a powerful, emotional release, Wanda uses every ounce of power she has to create the reality we’ve been visiting for the past 7 weeks, including her own tailor-made Vision.

Wanda And Vision…Together At Last?

            Marvel Comics and the current state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), provide a bounty of content to satisfy society’s bottomless hunger for entertainment. With the bulk of meaty storylines behind us (Civil War, Infinity War, Endgame), Marvel and Disney+ will lean heavily on their plans for spin-off series, especially considering the unclear and…

4 Hair Care Products I Can’t Live Without

My hair has a tendency to become QUITE greasy/oily. I was actually made fun of in high school because I would have greasy hair and the product build up on my scalp looked like dandruff. I have been self-conscious of this for 15+ years, and I’m glad that I finally found four hair care products that changed my life. I honestly would never go back to omitting these products from my routine.

5 Must Haves In My Morning Skin Care Beauty Routine

[I am not a professional so please take everything I say with a grain of salt. I am merely sharing my own experience as a consumer.  I have not gotten the Hyram approval 😉 This post reflects my own opinion based on what works for my skin. This post is not sponsored and does not…

Nikky Raney Chats with Aware Meditation Founder Paula Newman for December 5 Variety Show

PG rated Comedy, Music, Skits and the truth that Elfie on the Shelfie sees when you are not watching your kids. Hosted by Pirates of the Caribbean actress Paula Jane Newman, with drop-in Los Angeles talent but includes U.K, U.S. NZ and Australian performers. How enlightened are meditators that deal with traffic and kids over the Holidays? 75 minutes of fun with an introduction to meditation and how spreading this practice to marginalized, underrepresented groups can bridge the divide.

Nikky’s Vitamin Ritual and 3 Vegan Brands She Swears By

No matter what diet you choose to follow, it can be beneficial to take a supplement for vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in your food. I’m going to let you know what my ritual is with vitamins and the three brands I’m loyal to. [Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional so please…

Wild Wednesday Roundup: Week 11

The MVP hype makes it’s rounds for Kyler Murray, two divisional races heat up and the play of the year. Football is great for so many reasons: the physical action seems to stir up a subliminal connection with the ancient Romans roaring on gladiators. The raw emotion a collection of fans will feel in any…


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