Nikky Invites You to Global Meditation Event hosted by Aware Meditation Inc

Meditate for at least 20 minutes a day, and if you don’t have enough time then make it 60 minutes

Daily meditation has been crucial in my life. I am able to approach my life with a sense of clarity that had been lacking for so many years.

I am a person who has suffered from mental illness – specifically anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, ADHD, etc. I was previously on a myriad of prescription pills from my teenage years to early 20’s. Although I have participated in therapy since I was a young child – it was not until my late 20’s that I truly adopted the practice of daily meditation.

I know that some people can have such a hard time meditating — it is not easy. The act of sitting and focusing on your breath is a lot more difficult than it sounds. When we are sitting in observance of the present moment it’s likely that thoughts will come through our mind. The goal is to observe these thoughts instead of becoming attached with these thoughts. When we are able to become the awareness that notices these thoughts and feelings, we are one step closer to completely immersing ourselves in the present moment. It is truly a gift it is to quiet and clear our mind from the constant chatter.

I have partnered with Aware Meditation Inc, a non-profit organization in California. The purpose of Aware Meditation Inc is to bring awareness to mental health consciousness. Aware Meditation Inc wants to reach those who may be disregarded in the mental health community. Their mission statement tells us:

“We educate peoples with self-sufficient stress reduction techniques, including Vedic Meditation, for mental and physical health, and to reduce disease. Donations cover administrative, teaching, outreach and scholarship programs. All staff receive below market rate income and our board receives no financial compensation.

Our team is 100% from underrepresented groups, including females, BIPOC (black, indigenous persons of color), LGBTQ+ community members and immigrants to the United States.

The goal of our outreach programs are to equip low income or impoverished peoples learn in large groups, hosted within their communities at no financial cost to them. These groups include; African American, BIPOC (black, Indigenous, people of color), LGBTQ+, other marginalized groups, those transitioning from incarceration to civilian life (sober and 12 step programs), and veterans with these practices.”

Especially during this pandemic, it’s important for us to check in with ourselves and our mental health. These times can really isolate us from the people that we love. If you are someone who has been interested in meditation but not feeling confident about going into the practice: I have the perfect event for you!

Aware Meditation Inc will be hosting a 75-minute event on December 5th or 6th to bring awareness about meditation in a FUN way. The event will be live-streamed via Zoom with only performers, select laughers and special guests in the Zoom room. This is the give the show the feel of a live audience but managed for Zoom. The affordable ticket options allow for you to just pay for a link to stream, OR you can choose a ticket package for multiple people OR even choose the package to be included in our Zoom meeting!

I am so excited to participate in this event, and I am so proud to support Aware Meditation Inc. I hope that we will see each other there on December 5th or 6th!

(Nikky does receive a very small commission off any tickets purchased through this link – so if you do want to attend this event, please make sure to include *Nikky Raney* as the affiliate and use the direct link)

I look forward to connecting with you at this event and for continuing the conversation about mental health and meditation.

Are you someone who meditates? What are some of your favorite ways to meditate? Do you have a special place where you meditate? What are your favorite crystals to use? If you are new to meditation I’d love to hear what you hope to gain from meditation – or your experience so far!

–Click here if you are interested in attending this event–

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